Attention fellow Cmdrs.

The Eleu blockade has been lifted as of today with the end of the relief effort to treat the debilitating disease affecting Eleu.

TRIADIUS was contracted to hold a blockade in the system, preventing any ships from docking to stations or landing on planets. All ships were instructed to high wake out of the system. Many tried to run the blockade, probably for desperate measures so save loved one or for monetary reasons.

According to our rules of engagement, we were authorized to use lethal force on non collaborative pilots. Most of those who tried to run through the blockade lost their ship.

Here is some on board footage of the action from some of the ships that failed to get through the blockade:

Here is the final count of Ships destroyed by TRIADIUS:

  • 12 Anacondas
  • 3 Clippers
  • 17 Vultures
  • 3 Dropships
  • 7 T-7
  • 10 T-6
  • 5 Hauler
  • 17 Pythons
  • 4 Fer de Lance
  • 21 ASP
  • 27 Cobras
  • 2 t-9
  • 3 vipers
  • 10 Diamond back

numbers are minimums, more ships got destroyed but not logged in.


During the 3 days blockade, TRIADIUSĀ lost 1 Python and 1 Fer de Lance to enemy combat wings. For this blockade, we deployed combat wings consisting of Clippers, Fer de Lance, Python, Vulture and combat Anaconda. Other ship types where also employed depending on the necessities.

During the last day of the blockade, we saw a decreasing numbers of pilots attempting to enter the system. Those that persevered adopted new tactics. Faster ships where used to try to outrun us. Heavier ship, like Anaconda especially fitted to run through our blockade, where employed with success against our interdiction wing. Considering the situation limitations, we estimate our success rate at 90% of what could be detected in Open super cruise. That’s 23.4% of the total traffic report logged in Finny Dock station for the last 24h of operation.Eleu01Eleu_wing

Now that our contract is completed, our forces have left the system. We hope our actions had a positive impact in the sector and helped prevent spread this disease.



2 thoughts on “ELEU Blockade lifted

  1. Well, the CG failed, and the disease spread. Not sure how the blockade was meant to prevent it from spreading!
    Anyway, I had a fun time during the blockade. Some good fights were fought and a Python destroyed. Too bad it didn’t last longer, I would have loved to properly finish or continue my 1v1 with that nice black Clipper near the star ;).

    -CMDR Jognt

  2. I am glad you enjoyed yourself! The black clipper was CMDR Fox Cent Once btw šŸ™‚
    We can organize a 1v1 if you like!

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