TRIADIUS fetched yet another kill contract.

This time we have to clean the NANOMAM SYSTEM of CMDRs aligned to any major POWER. Its time to defect or die, so you all know the drill… PEW PEW and PEW PEW HARD! Duration: 24 hrs

As always our benefactor must remain anonymous, so all other information about it must remain classified.


  • Novice in combat rank and up aligned to any power get destroyed.
  • Pilots not complying to leave the system when ordered get destroyed.
  • Pilots in our KOS list get destroyed.

For information on contract work and rates register on the site and join us on our intercoms.

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Kill count:

6 python
2 viper
5 vulture
3 cobra
2 asp
2 anaconda
4 courier
1 diamondback