Greetings CMDRs,

According to my contacts in 51th Massilia there will be an 51th Arena event every Thursday at night about 19:30 G.M.T +1

Trailer event #1 :

Location : BV Phoenicis system, Aoki Dock Station. Fight will take place in/around the station structure.

Ships : Eagle Only, Outfitting will be decided at the event location and will be same to every challenger.

To all TRIADIUS members feel free to join in. This event will make you focus on 2 primary tasks :

– Handling your ship

– Know your surroundings ! Use the station Structure as cover !

Need more infos about rules  : Click Me 🙂

Fly Safe

CMDR Old Sauveur

3 thoughts on “Arena 51 Event !

  1. [7.14.2015] 51th Arena event. At the end of the event, TRIADIUS finished 1st with 3 victories (3 match). Good Job Noctis ! Both of us can’t wait for the next week event ! Rematch, new challenger who knows ! Thanks to 51th Massilia for organizing all this.

    CMDR Old Sauveur (Aka Savy)

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