Considering that the Federation and Empire will start selling their new ships shortly, some of our commanders are getting into trading to gain up the necessary revenues.

Over the weekend, a trading wing was put together by commanders Old Sauveur, Demolition Man and Zeel. But Sunday afternoon, commander Demolition Man was interdicted (one unsuccessful attempt and one real interdiction with pirating action).

Commanders Nebrok Sallad, Nitek [PL] and Zeel did put together a combat wing and successfully interdicted and killed the pirates (now in a wing of three themselves) several times.

After the third interdiction, commander Zeel went into voice comms with the remaining pirate, inviting them to our cantina. They were made clear that the trading system is under TRIADIUS control.

Welcome to our new recruits Atius, Manic Marvin and Tobes346!

The trading wing can operate safely again.