Greetings CMDRs!

TRIADIUS CMDRs spent some time last night to test out Bulkhead armor resistance to thermal and kinetic weapons in Beta 1.5.3.
As we all know Mirrored surface composite was the “must have” armor until 1.4 We wanted to test if anything changed.

And yes – It has.

All armor are working as supposed now. While Mirrored surface is really good against thermics it falls behind in protecting our ship from kinetic fire.

Testing method:

Target ship

Anaconda, lightweight, reinforced, military, mirrored, reactive.Hull and Integrity have been repaired after each test.

Weapons used:

Thermic – Class 2 pulse laser fixed [ 1 full grade A capacitor] Kinetic – Class 2 multicanon fixed [2 magazines]


nose, exactly the same spot, 300 meters, same hard point placement.

These are the results:


Conclude for yourself but we think that military in todays dangerous galaxy is now a really well ballanced protection.

Commanders involved in the test: Cmdr Nitek [pl], Cmdr Zeel, Cmdr Nebrok Sallad

Fly Safe,