Since december 22, more than 41 ships have been destroyed by our patrols. Unfortunately, pilots not following orders to leave the system were destroyed without further warnings. Only those with the combat rank of Harmless and Mostly Harmless benefited with an escalation of force, which included several warnings via the comms channels, warning shots, warning damages and if still not compliant, violent application of force resulting in ship destruction.

After making this blockade public, the group CTRL decided to oppose our operation and fielded a fleet consisting of more than 10 ships. We met them with 8. Our fleet was put together in a hurry, scrambling all available ships in the area.

Even with fewer numbers and less firepower, our fleet managed to inflict massive damage and heavy losses on theirs. We lost no more than 4 ships during the skirmish. Here is some footages of the engagement, taken from Fox Cent Onze, flying a Python.


11 thoughts on “News from the Orang blockade

  1. It’s so fucking ridiculous, because I got destroyed by 3 of your guys and I was in a type-7 with no Shields nor weapons, but no nono, they had to destroy me.. I know I’m master in combat, but combat in a type-7? I got warned by CMDR zoff when I was about to dock, and I told him that I had no intentions on shooting anyone.. but what bothers me is that your commanders can’t use their brain and think “okay, he’s in a type 7, he doesn’t have Shields or weapons, leave him alone” so talk to your commanders about this, tell them to use the brain that hey are born with..

    1. Dear Commander, we are sorry for your losses but i don’t think you are aware about the situation in the System where you got killed. As you said CMDR Zoff did warn you ! We know you weren’t going to attack us in Trade ship. This area is under Blockade ! Ship Not White-listed are not allowed there. We are blockading to make this Trade-route profitable once more ! Furthermore please have a look to our ROE, aslo next time keep in mind you were in a dangerous area, a Shieldless Trade ship in Open is even more risky. If you have questions feel free to ask.

      Kind Regards

      Cmdr Old Sauveur

    2. Actually what you said was my ship (DBS) was no good because it didn’t have shields, I invited you to bring a combat ship for a proper fight.

      You were not attacked at that point, you went on trading in the system after the warning.

  2. asking i didn’t killed you zoff i’m almost sure i said i was going to blow you up

    1. like you guys really need better combat pilots i’m more afraid of a no shielded sindwinder than from a full wing of yours

      1. Cmdr Ritzel. If you continue to travel in Orang, you will be destroyed. No mather if you are in a combat ship, a trading ship, or a sidewinder with 1% hull, you will be interdicted and killed. Your presence in this system is unautorized. We welcome all the fights you can bring and all the friends you can convince to come die with you. We are prepared, we are Triadius. Resistance is futile.

        That being said, we have no troubles with you being elswhere minding your own buisness. But be advised, Orang is a war zone and it’s dangerous.

        1. so…i already fought with you guys a full wing of yours against me if i renember i killed a clipper and make the other 3 wake out so i’m pretty confident and if i need i have friends with the same lvl of skill so good luck.

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