Attention all commanders. Orang is still under blockade and a conflict as erupted between a few player groups. Orang is even more dangerous to fly into as it’s now patrolled by many factions.

Since December 22, more than 100 ships have been destroyed in Orang by our patrols. Sometime, we destroy as much as 1 every 5 minutes, sometime even more. We might need to hire an assistant to count the kills.

On December 28, 5 other groups of players came in Orang to dish out the pain. ToC, CTRL, 51th Massilia, ROA, Varangian Syndicate and TRIADIUS were present, exchanging photons and heavy particles. Orang was indeed a very dangerous place to be and I personally saw many traders getting in the crossfire and getting outright destroyed before having time to high wake out.

Be space smart, avoid Orang. If you do need to come, bring a heavy combat ship and a wing for protection. But expect a rebuy screen.

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