During the Orang blockade, we see something obvious that gets pilots killed a lot. NON-COMPLIANCE!

That aside, the other reason they get killed after being interdicted, is that they are not reacting in the right way. Here is a quick procedure that will save your life if an interdiction happens.

The first thing is, while in super cruise, target your aggressor. If he’s not interdicting you already, select the ship that is most likely going to interdict you. That will tell you if you have a chance to fight the interdiction, or if you are going to submit. The safest thing to do is SUBMIT. If you can, drop from super cruise and boost away while you select another star to high wake to (jump out of the system). By the time they drop in your wake (low wake from super cruise), you’ll be out to another system.

If they lock an FSD interdictor on you, put 4 pips to systems, 2 to engines and submit immediately (throttle to 0, wait for drop). That way, you will drop and your FSD cooldown will be MUCH shorter, allowing you to get the hell out of there faster. Why 4 pips to systems? Because currently, when the interdicting ship drops out of super cruise with you, it will drop ON you, sometimes causing massive shield damage.

The next thing to remember is, while you are dropping from super-cruise, immediately go to your navigation tab (menu on your left) and select another star (another system). Once your FSD is ready to charge, jump to that new system. This will avoid you being mass locked by the other ships that are trying to kill you. High wakes are not affected by mass locking like low waking (going to super-cruise). If you try to go to super cruise, you will either be mass locked and killed, or you will jump to super cruise and be chain-interdicted and eventually killed.

Also, if you have the time, use the local or direct comm channel to say some friendly words to your attacker. Using comms in a friendly way will produce in most Cmdrs an empathic reaction that could save your life. Only the hardcore psychopaths or the cold methodical soldiers will ignore your pleas and proceed in their execution of violence.

If you are a trader, avoid systems that are known to be heavily pirated or blockaded, like Orang. It’s the best way to avoid being a statistic.


Fly safe Cmdrs!