Disappearances in Shinrarta Dezhra – the mystery is solved.

For the last week we have been receiving troubling reports of commander vessels disappearing in Founders world.
Miners were lost in supercruise, explorers vanished near planets and light fighters never came back to station.
A wide investigation has been held by the station authorities with no results.
Travellers started pouring in from all the galaxy to see what this new “Shinrarta Triangle is about”.
No-one ever heard from many of them again.

By coincidence in one of the station cantinas Cmdr Tiakkaci met our merry group at the space demolition chess table.
He bragged that he, Magnotta Mario and Warfare 381 [hope we heard it right] were killing commanders in Founders.
Just for fun and explosions.
We also enjoy killing but not on the holy ground.
We remember this trio for staying in solo a lot.  Cmdr Nitek even let Warfare go alive in the past [after Warfare a lost a fight] No more.
While drunk we were able to coerce Tiakkaci to a already lost fight… In shock… he kept repeating…. why are you shooting me? Why are you shooting me?!

Well. I think you know why commander…


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