Commander Kira Ryder pressed fire and a blazing inferno of lasers started hitting cmdr Demolition Man’s Assault ship.
Dents started appearing but the heavy armored ship withstood the barrage.
While attacked our commander managed to strip Kiras Gunship from shields…
after a while 96% hull… 92% hull…. 80% hull…. and POOF! He’s gone! 🙁

Help us find Kira Ryder!!! 

We went for a wide search to only find that Cmdr Kira Ryder is one of the admins at the respected Elite Dangerous Club. A discussion started, while shunned by his friends cmdr Kira Ryder deleted the topic and removed our diplomat from their facebook group.
 His explanation was that he had a bad loadout and He will do whatever he wants.

One thought on “FSD failure, sudden quantum leap or just combat logging? Help us find Kira Ryder!!!

  1. A bad load-out caused me to die before, that’s how it is, die with honour or stick to solo!

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