Last night (Monday 29th Feb) CMDR Shugyosha led his team eRon, Hannibal STO & Tolbert (borrowed from our Varangian allies) against Adles Armada (AA) to a “psychological victory” ……

Sempervirens exceptional-quality twitch channel went mad for Triadius after the 1st round victory – AAs 1st ever loss in the entire league. ( All league results to date can be found here )

What happened? See Tolbert’s videos 1   2   3 & expect more to be released.

The day and times changed many times, resulting in many team composition changes, and the CMDRs above did exceptionally well under the circumstances – had they had more time together to train and fight as a team they might have brought 5 or 10% more to the challenge (which Triadius will aim to do for the next round 🙂 )

Props to Truesilver of AA who posted this ( here )

On behalf of all Adle’s Armada pilots who participated, we would like to say that the Triadius pilots’ performance was remarkable, even by the high standards of the PvP League. Though we have been hard-pressed before both in the League and during day-to-day PvP, we must salute Triadius.  o7

We wish all competitors the best of luck and many thanks to the Organisers. We’re looking forward to the next matches, and the next season.

Previous matches: CTRL vs Triadius    BBfA vs Triadius

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