TRIADIUS are a band of mercenaries. Rich beyond most people’s dreams, many are descendants from cousins (or 3rd uncles) of Wowbagger The Infinitely Prolonged from Hitchikers guide.

Being immortal, they have little fear of death (of course). Being hugely rich, they have no fear of rebuys.

What they fear is boredom, and so have found that hiring their fantastic armada of ships and devil-may-care attitudes to life and death out to the highest bidder appears to be the best way, for the moment, to stave off that boredom – especially since the introduction of powerplay.

In 3014 a group of Commanders came together to form an Elite group of pilots. With skills ranging from Combat, trading, and exploration, the TRIADIUS Battle Group has something for everyone. Their easy going nature and battle sharp reflexes have been capturing the attention of new Commanders every time they fly. From all walks of life, and from all different factions and powers, the diversity of TRIADIUS makes it easy for anyone to fit in, and under the guidance of the Senior Officers, flourish.

Combat skilled pilots make up the core of the TRIADIUS Battle Group. Skilled in taking down any ship they come up against, the Commanders of the First TRIADIUS Assault Wing have shown time and time again how effective they can be. From blockading systems, to hunting down high value targets, to protecting cargo ships on their long journeys through enemy territory, the pilots of TRIADIUS excel at all they put their mind to.

While Combat Pilots make up the majority of TRIADIUS pilots, Traders are also a large chunk of their members. Helping to fund the major operations, these pilots deftly fly in and out of both enemy territories and active combat zones to deliver, or recover, much needed supplies. With the help of the Combat Pilots, the Traders have secured several trade routes to make their services a major player in the TRIADIUS Battle Group’s march to victory.

We can also not forget the effect of the Exploration pilots that call TRIADIUS home. Exploring farther and farther out, they have been discovering new systems daily, and finding new Resource Extraction Sites for mining and hunting purposes. Most recently, a TRIADIUS Commander has made the journey to Sagittarius A, the very center of our galaxy, and returned home under an honour guard of TRIADIUS Combat Pilots. Joining the elite ranks of TRIADIUS Exploration Pilots to make the journey.

Under the expert guidance of their Leaders, the TRIADIUS Battle Group continues to excel at everything they set to task. With new pilots joining the ranks daily, there is no shortage of new ideas or strategies. Moving into the coming years, TRIADIUS looks to become more and more powerful, slicing their own place in the galaxy, as humanity reaches farther and farther into the stars.

Cmdr Nyoxx