Drive-through CG ūüôā

More fun at the community goal, I think I need bigger windscreen wipers. Edit:’Temp’ title added
By : Zoff | Apr 13, 2016

It’s Hammer Time!

Fun at the community goal!
By : Zoff | Apr 10, 2016

CMDR Zoff our first golden “D”

In total 25 Commanders contested for the golden D and surprisingly we had 0 instancing issues tonight. After four tiring fights with one or the other mishap CMDR Zoff came out victorious andRead More...
By : Nebrok | Jan 29, 2016

FSD failure, sudden quantum leap or just combat logging? Help us find Kira Ryder!!!

Commander Kira Ryder pressed fire and a blazing inferno of lasers started hitting cmdr Demolition Man’s Assault ship. Dents started appearing but the heavy armored ship withstood the barrage. While attacked ourRead More...
By : Nitek [pl] | Jan 14, 2016

A fantastic discovery in Merope!!!

A wing of 3 TRIADIUS commanders: Fox Cent Onze, Nitek [pl] and Nebrok Sallad decided to follow the hype and find the mysterious barnacles and meta alloys in Merope system. One srv wasRead More...
By : Nitek [pl] | Jan 14, 2016

Disappearances in Shinrarta Dezhra – the mystery is solved.

Disappearances in Shinrarta Dezhra – the mystery is solved. For the last week we have been receiving troubling reports of commander vessels disappearing in Founders world. Miners were lost in supercruise, explorersRead More...
By : Nitek [pl] | Jan 14, 2016

Large and Lethal – Elite Dangerous Anaconda

[youtube] Anaconda, by Faulcon De Lacey
By : Zoff | Dec 29, 2015

Horizon Launch Live Stream

Check out FDEV Horizons Launch Livestream!  
By : Nebrok | Dec 15, 2015

Bulkhead Armor Test Beta 1.5.3

Greetings CMDRs! TRIADIUS CMDRs spent some time last night to test out Bulkhead armor resistance to thermal and kinetic weapons in Beta 1.5.3. As we all know Mirrored surface composite was theRead More...
By : Nebrok | Nov 25, 2015

Fun with Cillit Bang

Check out our latest video about having fun with Torps!
By : Nebrok | Nov 2, 2015

Shaming a cheater – CMDR FeuerMagier

reddit post    
By : Archangel | Sep 14, 2015

Travelling THROUGH a Black Hole

Back in the beginnings of Elite Dangerous I was the first CMDR to travel through a Black Hole on my quest for my last missing Elite Rank to triple Elite. It appears that thereRead More...
By : Pablo-Diablo | Aug 25, 2015

We took a stroll in Lugh…

And we kicked the hornet’s nest. It all began with some undermining. We expected some random pvp fights. Then, they started to organise a response. At first they where uncoordinated and aRead More...
By : Fox Cent Onze | Aug 20, 2015

Arena 51 Event !

Greetings CMDRs, According to my contacts in 51th Massilia there will be an 51th Arena event every Thursday at night about 19:30 G.M.T +1 Trailer event #1 : Location : BV Phoenicis system, AokiRead More...
By : Old Sauveur | Aug 13, 2015

TRIADIUS Open Recruitment

Hello fellow CMDRs, TRIADIUS is looking for new talent! Our main focus ingame is on PVP/RP and carebears wont have a fun time with us. Most of our communication is handled overRead More...
By : Nebrok | Jul 31, 2015

Footage of TRIADIUS getting paid for the Kamadhenu contract

A lot of questions were asked in the social media about our contracts. Are they real? Who is paying? To what end? We won’t provide answers to all those questions. But weRead More...
By : Fox Cent Onze | Jul 28, 2015

TRIADIUS Charity open

We started a charity for CMDRs who were flying without insurance! TRIADIUS is putting 10% of its earnings away for CMDRs in need and will get them back in a T6. CheckRead More...
By : Nebrok | Jul 27, 2015

KAMADHENU Contract fulfilled

KAMADHENU KILL Contract fulfilled Kamadhenu kill contract has been fulfilled. Our employer is happy and the funds are being transferred as of now. Wanna hire us? -> click me  Got blown up andRead More...
By : Nebrok | Jul 27, 2015


KAMADHENU RULES OF ENGAGEMENT TRIADIUS fetched yet another contract. Our employer states the contract as follows: Kill all CMDRs on sight. Especially CMDRs pledged to Arissa Duval. Prevent them fortifying as much asRead More...
By : Nebrok | Jul 26, 2015

New kill contract in Mamogram System

TRIADIUS fetched yet another kill contract. This time we have to clean¬†the NANOMAM SYSTEM¬†of¬†CMDRs¬†aligned¬†to¬†any¬†major¬†POWER. Its time to defect or die, so you all know the drill… PEW PEW and PEW PEW HARD!Read More...
By : Brauchy | Jul 22, 2015

ELEU Blockade lifted

  Attention fellow Cmdrs. The Eleu blockade has been lifted as of today with the end of the relief effort to treat the debilitating disease affecting Eleu. TRIADIUS was contracted to holdRead More...
By : Fox Cent Onze | Jul 21, 2015


Attention to all pilots. Eleu system is being blockaded by TRIADIUS. We were tasked to contain the infection. We are aware that some pilots are tasked to bring medical supply to theRead More...
By : Nebrok | Jul 19, 2015

Sorahb Loves TRIADIUS

Link CMDR Sorahb loves TRIADIUS with all his dick
By : Jameson2016 | Jul 8, 2015

ASSGAY a new hope

We are trying to boost a cool faction named AASGAY PARTY in the AASGAY system. These merry assgayans hang around DREBBEL HUB , and there is a conflict zone nearby (assgay partyRead More...
By : Jameson2016 | Jul 6, 2015