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We are famous for our System blockades like our ELEU and NANOMAM Contracts.

Our main focus is on RP-PVP / Mercenary Contracts containing multi winged PVP fights. We are no griefers.

We have lots of knowledge and will help you to improve your Elite: Dangerous PVP experience.

Check out our Rules of Engagement, you will have to live within these rules within the Elite universe.

Recruit Rules:

  • Come onto TS while you are ingame (IT IS MANDATORY!). It is unpleasant to see people come online (friends list ingame) and leave without bothering to say hello. Our group is friendly and many members come onto teamspeak even when they are not playing Elite at the moment, just to hang out in the cantina and chat/help from time to time.
  • Follow TeamSpeak ettiquette TS lags a little, especially when in opposite timezones. Accidentally talking over people often happens at the start of a sentence when both make a reply simultaneously. What pisses people off is when there is a conversation in full progress and someone blurts out ‘where can I get a C3 laser’ or ‘my dog just ate a toffee’ …. well it’s just plain rude.  If you haven’t used TS before, spend 5 minutes reading a selection of these google results, some are funny and ‘for-real this actually happens’
  • Kick vs Ban  Being kicked from the server is usually a sign of affection, and less often a sign of irritation.  Work it out and log back on.  If you are told it was a sign of irritation, learn to listen. Re-read  these google results
  • Fight one of our PVP Trainers within the first 2 weeks to be approved as a Recruit. PVP Trainers are designated by the “P” Tag in TS. Ask them for a fight (just a cheap damage training fight, we don’t kill our own CMDRs) and join our training frequently read this post
  • We have protected trade routes which are high profit so our guys can afford the ships they want, and afford to die which is a fact of battle.
  • We are ultimately a winged PVP group. If your aim is to progress so you can fight against other CMDRs and progress further to fighting other groups you’ll find many people here with common interests.
  • Once you are equipped, support our events and targets, check our website frequently
  • Your account will be deactivated after 1 month downtime – but let us know if you need longer downtime. We like our players and if they are absent for a long time lots of people will ask about you and if you are OK and we like to be able to say something other than ‘No idea’

Once you are in our TS, you will be automatically be placed in the Airlock. Wait for one of our members to pull you into our channel. Please be patient as members might be engaged in PVP and are unable to do much until the battle is over.

How do I become a full member?

Most importantly, don’t worry about it – just have fun. It will either happen (or not) quite naturally.  All we do is simply sound you out for a while, to see if you fit into the group.

We have a broad range of members from all timezones and an even broader range of personalities – those that don’t fit in therefore have usually broken one (or many) of the Recruit Rules.

It’s unusual that recruits don’t ‘rank-up’ to members within a week. The ‘record’ is around 2 days.

If you want to beat the record “live (and sleep) on teamspeak, be very polite and very friendly, have a very good sense of humour, contribute to the team, be very helpful, understand that ‘you just might not yet know it all’ and that perhaps one of our Elite combat billionaires with 1000s of ingame hours might have something helpful to say that might just save your life and improve your game….if you would only let them ;)”

It would be great if you already have Founders World access and be at least a Master in Combat, but its not a requirement.

We have lots of PVP Training, try to participate at least twice a month.

There is a minimum age of 18 to join, no exceptions for new recruits (our ‘banter’ is often 18 rated!!)

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