PVP League #3 – Triadius V AA outcome

Last night (Monday 29th Feb) CMDR Shugyosha led his team eRon, Hannibal STO & Tolbert (borrowed from our Varangian allies) against Adles Armada (AA) to a “psychological victory” ……

Sempervirens exceptional-quality twitch channel went mad for Triadius after the 1st round victory – AAs 1st ever loss in the entire league. ( All league results to date can be found here )

What happened? See Tolbert’s videos 1   2   3 & expect more to be released.

The day and times changed many times, resulting in many team composition changes, and the CMDRs above did exceptionally well under the circumstances – had they had more time together to train and fight as a team they might have brought 5 or 10% more to the challenge (which Triadius will aim to do for the next round 🙂 )

Props to Truesilver of AA who posted this ( here )

On behalf of all Adle’s Armada pilots who participated, we would like to say that the Triadius pilots’ performance was remarkable, even by the high standards of the PvP League. Though we have been hard-pressed before both in the League and during day-to-day PvP, we must salute Triadius.  o7

We wish all competitors the best of luck and many thanks to the Organisers. We’re looking forward to the next matches, and the next season.

Previous matches: CTRL vs Triadius    BBfA vs Triadius

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Visit to the Treehouse

On Saturday 27 February 3302, I visited the Treehouse. Early in the morning, after spending the night in orbit around one of Beagle’s Point planets, I started up my impatient conda “Starbuck Angel”, she was all ready and anxious to take us to the Treehouse. If you want to know how we did on this unique trip then continue reading…

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Hallo From The Other Side

Greetings Commanders,

Triadius plotted a new route to the famuous Beagle Point located at 65.253 ly from our home system. After leaving on Friday 19 Feb 3302 about 12 o’clock, I arrived at Beagle Point on Friday 26 Feb around 14 o’clock.

The exploration went as good as it could. My Anacond “Starbuck Angel” only suffered minor hull damage (98%) due to one or two drops, and minor Power Plant damage (97%) due to three or four overheatings.

I did loose all my heatsinks due to typing other stuff while still being on the ships console without realising it, and by hitting the heat sink button several times. This is no major issue as I have field repair units with me and those can deal with every kind of overheating damage except power plant and hull.

I made the trip by travelling via the arms. Instead of about 65kly when going via the core, this means one has to travel 96 kly. But as I defenitely wanted to see other parts of the galaxy, and I already made 3 trips to the core, I decided to take the tour around.

These next day or two I will stay here in the neighborhoud for local sight seeing and visiting some historical points of interest. One is called “the Treehouse”. As quoted by the 65kly club: “A difficult to reach point that juts out into the beyond, 65,339.95 LY from Sol. It is at the end of a “trunk” and a “branch” which requires an Anaconda configured for making long jumps to reach. The branch itself requires a 40.73 LY jump necessitating a partially depleted fuel tank. The Treehouse is among the most distant star systems currently surveyed and is situated near the Beagle Point.“. I hope I will survive this adventure, I’m a bit afraid I must admit.

Thereafter, I will continue my voyage and return home via the eastern side of our Milky Way, completing a 360 degrees tour this way.

Those who like statistics can find them here under.

Cheers, Cmdr Zeel.

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Last week I mentioned that we had some more huge weapons coming, but without providing any details, so we have huge beam and pulse laser and multi-cannons being added. There will also be a new large multi-cannon.




Source : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=231826