Combatlogger Cleanup in LFT37




We have a new contract to kill a known combatlogger clan called Paladin Consortium, they are hiding in LFT 37 system. We call all commanders with their anti combatlogger builds to help us in this rightful endeavor.

As always, all other information about this contract must remain secret (wink wink)


Banned Again…

Well I am sorry but I had another solobear conversation. Commander stated that he does not want to be shot… I suggested he should play Lego Batman[tm]



CMDR Zoff our first golden “D”

In total 25 Commanders contested for the golden D and surprisingly we had 0 instancing issues tonight. After four tiring fights with one or the other mishap CMDR Zoff came out victorious and won our 1st TRIADIUS Demolition Derby!

Recordings of the event will follow. Thanks to everyone for the great turnout and fun we had tonight within 3 hours of Sidewinder Demolition Derby 🙂

Fly Safe



Fuel Ratting the Universe

So in between fights, trading, smuggling missions, exploration, wing trainings, planetary landings, what else can we do to be useful? Well, I choose to do fuel ratting as well. I like to help new and not so new commanders to save their precious ship and cargo when they run out of fuel.

I already helped some of our Triadius members, but last week I decided to join the Fuel Rats. It required installing an IRC client and joining their IRC channel. Channels in fact, because they have a channel for intervention, where all comm is restricted to the rescues theirselves, and a ‘chat’ channel for smalltalk.

So how did this first week as a fuel rat go?

triadius Rat zeel

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