Tobii Eye X

Saw this in FB.. maybe interesting alternative to VR gear..

“Eye tracking equipment instead of head tracking, I will be getting it. 30% discount if you use the code ObsidianAnt at http://bit.ly/1TAXwC3 ”


Anyone in Sweden able to get a better price?


Day 8: Ending what I now consider a partial failure.

I’ll look at it this way, it’s not a success, because I did not make close enough to Elite rank. It’s also not a success, because I did not scan all the neutron stars I wanted.

But the important thing is, I made it to where I wanted to go and I came back alive.


I made the final push late into the night, arriving at 2am. In the bubble, I chose a system I knew, close to my base, aligned with Empire, so I could sell all the data. Then I relocated to my base. Doing the final inspection on my ship, I could see all the wear on the paint and hull. Almost every module was damaged by either stress or heat.

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Day7: Catastrophe

Making my way out of the core region, I was heading down to a gigantic patch of neutro stars. I was hoping to scan a bunch of them before finaly heading straight back home.day7_01

Among all those super bright stars, are super small, very hot, very dangerous neutron stars. I would be navigating my way around them, one jump at the time.

Once there, everything went well. Trottle down to 0 while in witch space, so when you drop, you don’t fall into the gravity well of the powerfull star. I managed to scan around 10, before a trip changing incident occured.

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Pre-Combat Routine

Whether you are an experienced PvP pilot or a beginner, there is a simple routine to go through before you go into a PvP situation, into training or even just fly around in this dangerous galaxy.

Deploy your weapons while in space and switch to your right side panel. Now go through the following checklist:

  1. Status: Do I have the Credits for 5 or more rebuys?
  2. Modules: Is everything I need powered with deployed weapons? Are my priorities set up correctly? (Ship needs to be able to escape at 40% power and 50% power!)
  3. Fire Groups: Are they set up correctly? (Optimized the usage of capacitor don’t fire in the void!)
  4. Functions: Is my Beacon set to Wing and my Report Crimes off?
  5. Is another system locked on if something wrong happen?

Pretty easy right? So don’t be lazy. Not doing a check pre-combat can cost you or even your wingmates ships. Pilots with Wing Ready and Combat Ready badges should have this routine memorized.


Day 6: On my way back.

After spending some time around the core, it’s time to go back.

I stopped by the Great Annihilator black hole. It was still impressive, but less than Sagittarius A.


The lensing effect was way stronger for some reason. When I dropped on it, I was immediatly visually dissoriented and I had to rely on instruments to navigate around and away of that massive thing.

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Updated Weapon Damage Stats

Some of you might know the weapon stats done by CMDR StarLightBreaker and CMDR Pale Night a while back.

Weapon and energy stats vs shields

Now, Adle’s Armada CMDR Truesilver has updated the weapon stats by adding hull damage values and updating changed weapons like the class 2 Plasma Accelerator. The formatting is not up to par but the information is interesting nonetheless.

Updated weapon stats vs shields and hull

Please remember that weapons are more than their damage values. Energy consumption, heat buildup, ammunition and ease of use are equally important factors of a weapon.