Rules Of Engagement (general)

  1. Always be a good sportsbusiness-man – we want more people in Open play.
    1. Always use fair judgement, don’t be a dick, never be a bully.
    2. Never fire on CMDRs ranked Harmless/Mostly Harmless.
    3. Have a good RP reason to kill. (Quizgame and PP reasons are fine). Have clear orders ready & give them (e.g. via macros). Bear in mind less experienced players may not see them.
    4. Allow CMDRs to leave once IF they have no rebuys (never be anyone’s reason to be back into a sidey).
    5. Keep a good sense of humour – it’s a game, not an outlet for your suppressed anger in life. Don’t be a bad winner.
    6. Play fair – TRIADIUS never combat logs – if you die you die.
  2. FAIR Game:
    1. Any combat wings (if not allies)
    2. Order disobeyers. (Anyone returning having already been warned)
    3. Anyone interdicting you, or firing on you.
    4. Anyone being rude. Anyone being a dick, to you or towards others.
    5. KOS including known loggers
  3. Other
    1. Record combat loggers & report them to FD and on our own ‘wall of shame’.

Rules Of Engagement (events)

Our ROE might be changed for specific events like blockades and will be announced within the event description.


  • Help out new CMDRs with tips and information.
  • Support your fellow teammates.
  • Be respectful. Don’t be a dick.
  • If you are streaming, set your streaming server group and let everyone in the TS channel know.
  • Inform yourself about events and general stuff happening – read the TEAMSPEAK channel information.
  • The aims of TRIADIUS are more important than your Power Play Merits.
  • Recruit your friends and competent CMDRs you meet ingame.
  • Be considerate on TEAMSPEAK, use push to talk, get a decent mic if you get complaints.
  • Connection to TEAMSPEAK while you are in the Elite universe is mandatory! If you don’t want to talk to people we got separate channels for that.
  • See TRIADIUS as a brand – put our logo on your stream / uploaded videos and posts on the forum / reddit.

(ROE 28.11.2015) comments closed – file a complaint